Panels, Panels, Everywhere

I tackled the journals last night.  I put panels up and worked on making the layout consistent.  Here’s a look.  Some of the changes are really subtle, but I think they make a big difference.  Panels and using them to lay out and layer content seems to make a lot of sense.  The design element combines the organizational ability of containers with greater mobility, responsiveness, and flexibility.  Good stuff.  Of course, there is still more work to do, but it is nice to have a working draft of these pages.  I’ll take that.


old journal index screen

old journal edit screen

old journal response screen


new journal index screen

new journal edit screen

new journal response screen

Two more reflections: Coding and UI work really satisfies my desire for cleanliness and organization.  Now, my closets are suffering because of it, but at least they have doors.  And I’m currently in the middle of Cory Doctorow’s Makers, and besides blowing my mind, the novel is making me really grateful to have this opportunity to make something.  It’s thrilling, really.  Like, I-stay-up-until-two-in-the-morning thrilling.

Now, onto notes.


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